The J&M Patent Designs Difference!

J&M Patent Designs offers superior customer service, rapid turnaround time, competitive pricing and a staff fully qualified for all of your drafting needs.

J&M Patent Designs has a staff of drafting professionals that can accommodate any job. There is more than 40 years of combined experience on our staff. In addition to our draftsmen's academic training, most have completed at least a two year specialized training program specific to drafting. This variety of experience allows J&M Patent Designs to offer you specialists as opposed to generalists. You can rest assured that the draftsmen assigned to your project will be specific to your projects’ needs and will therefore result in a higher quality product.

J&M Patent Designs is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our average turnaround time from receiving instructions to delivering formal drawings is 7 days. Rush jobs are welcome. If you look through that tall stack of papers on your desk and happen to find a filing deadline for tomorrow…that’s OK, we slept yesterday.

Formal drawings can be in your hands within minutes. J&M Patent Designs can email the formal drawings to you in an Adobe Acrobat file format. This allows you to quickly print as many sets as you need and gives you an archive copy in case you need additional prints at a later date. If you are filing electronically, J&M Patent Designs can provide you with a TIFF file(s) to expedite your application. Drawings can also be delivered by conventional means on quality paper or Bristol Board.

J&M Patent Designs works in a professional, confidential manner. For your comfort, we can provide a confidentiality agreement. Your files can easily be protected by an agreed password for added security while sending files over the internet.

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